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Salient's New Partnership With Atrendia Helps Large Organizations Transform Productivity With Business Email

By joining forces, Salient's Email Excellence and Atrendia's LeanMail now provide a full suite of services for corporations targeting email productivity.

Feb 20, 2013

Download PDF of this news releaseBethel, CT -- Beginning this week, Atrendia will offer its LeanMail productivity solution in conjunction with Salient Inc.'s business writing solution, Email Excellence®, an eLearning program for business professionals. The two companies' combined offering provides a complete solution for large organizations, tackling both efficient email handling and effective writing.

For most large organizations, corporate email remains the single largest unaddressed productivity challenge. Almost all corporations have a staggering investment in email: among knowledge workers, it consumes anywhere from one third to one half of each workday. What's more, experts have long recognized that email represents a twofold challenge: lost productivity derives from both 1) poor email handling and processing, and 2) poor content -- messages that are ill-conceived, unfocused, and difficult to read.

Millions of employees receive in excess of 100 messages per day. To keep up with that volume, such employees need proven tools and methods for prioritizing incoming requests and organizing messages in a way that makes them easy to track, easy to retrieve. At the same time, employees must write in a way that's unmistakably clear -- even when the content is complex. Just as important, they need their colleagues to write to them with equal clarity, so that inboxes aren't clogged with confusing or unhelpful messages.

That's a tall order. Yet the marriage of Atrendia's email-productivity solutions with Salient's email writing training now offers the magic combination. Individuals can transform their personal productivity and effectiveness in email. Large organizations, meanwhile -- where as much as half of payroll is financing email activity -- can at last tackle the confounding implications of email's outsized role in business communication.

Atrendia's LeanMail comprises, first, a cleverly constructed add-in to Microsoft Outlook and, second, first-rate training and practical coaching on the behavioral changes needed to make Outlook an efficient tool. Salient's Email Excellence, by contrast, focuses on the content of email messages -- on challenges like crafting effective "Subject:" lines, highlighting requests for action, and organizing information into a quick, easy read.

For the founders of Atrendia and Salient, the first step in their partnership was taking each other's training. "I've been using Atrendia's LeanMail for about six weeks now," says Salient founder Roy Speed, "and holy cow -- I couldn't believe how simple it was, and how it transforms Microsoft Outlook. I've been using Outlook for ten or fifteen years, and for the first time, the damned thing actually works."

Atrendia founder Michael Hoffman expresses similar admiration for Email Excellence: "I thought I knew basically everything there was to know about business email. But after just half an hour or so of Email Excellence, I realized that I had already learned things that would forever transform the way I write my emails."

Versions of Email Excellence are already required training for more than 150,000 professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, where for more than a decade companies have focused on raising standards for employee email. Atrendia, for its part, recently added a sixth Fortune 100 company to its rapidly growing roster of over 130 clients in the US and Europe.

Salient, Inc., is based in Bethel, Connecticut, while Atrendia is headquartered in Copenhagen, with offices in Barcelona and San Francisco.


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