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How Email Excellence works

The most valuable thing in the program is its reader-centric philosophy, plus the concrete tools for implementing that philosophy. Also, the humor is definitely a plus—the narrator made it easy for me to laugh off my past mistakes.

Brian Werneburg
Senior Clinical Scientist

It's inexpensive. It's painless. It does the job. But before you make the leap, here's everything you need to know about how our program works:

    What do your students' emails say about your brand?
  • We come to you. Email Excellence is not a seminar or a workshop; it's an "eLearning" program — online training you complete from your desktop or laptop computer. So there's no scheduling, no travel, no travel expenses.
  • It's just over two hours of training
    —and you set your own pace.
    The series is broken into five parts, each just 25-30 minutes long. You can do the entire program in one sitting, or go through it in brief segments—fitting it into your schedule in whatever way suits you best. Anytime you decide to exit the program, the program will remember where you left off; upon your return, it will re-start the particular section you were in.
  • It costs $97—and there's no risk. If you buy the program but then don't like it, we'll refund your money — no questions asked.
  • You'll have instant access. When you purchase Email Excellence, you'll instantly get a login ID and password you can use to begin the program immediately.
  • You won't be bored. Email Excellence is an interactive program that's engaging, hardhitting, and practical. It's designed for business people, and it's filled with business examples you can relate to and exercises that allow you to practice the writing tools.
  • Our Tools & Guidelines job-aidOur Tools & Guidelines job-aid
  • You don't have to take notes. As soon as you register for the program, we'll put in the mail to you a companion piece called Email Excellence Tools & Guidelines. It's a printed reminder of all the critical writing tools and guidelines covered in the program.
  • You can revisit the program at any time. You'll have access to Email Excellence for up to a year after your purchase, so if you need a refresher, it's there for you.
  • You can trust that we know what we're doing. Versions of this program are now required training for thousands of employees across North America. In our client companies, every employee with access to email does this training.

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