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Email Excellence for Individuals:  FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

>> What's the time investment?

It takes just over two hours to complete the program. For your convenience, it's divided into five easy segments of 20 to 30 minutes each.

>> What is the cost?

You can do the program for $97. You simply submit your payment information and instantly get a login ID and password you can use to begin the program.

>> Will Email Excellence work on my old PC?

Probably. The key issues are as follows:

  • Your Internet connection speed. You can test whether your connection speed is adequate by viewing our free samples here. — Many of our samples are quite large, so that if they're loading at a reasonable speed, you can be certain that your connection is adequate.
  • Your software. Email Excellence relies on standard web technology — basically, your web browser and Adobe Flash. If you're not certain whether you have Flash on your computer, just go to our Flash Test page here; if it turns out you don't have Flash installed, you can download it further down the same page.

>> Will Email Excellence work on my iPad?

Unfortunately, no. (Sorry.) The current version of our training is built in Adobe Flash, which Apple decided would be verboten on iPhones and iPads. We're working on our next version, however, and we'll make certain it works on virtually anything.

Our Tools & Guidelines job-aidOur Tools & Guidelines job-aid

>> Do I need to take notes?

No need! —As part of Email Excellence, you will receive a printed reminder (shown right) of all the critical writing tools and guidelines covered in the program.

>> Can I revisit the program after I've completed it?

Absolutely! You'll have access to Email Excellence for up to a year after your purchase, so if you need a refresher, it's there for you. Also, once you've completed the program, you can easily navigate to a particular sections and review one specific topic.

>> Are the skills addressed in Email Excellence transferrable to other kinds of business writing?

Yes, they really are — especially things like the emphasis on the reader's needs, tools for effective openings, logical organization, use of headlines, etc., all of which have broad application in business writing.

At the same time, broad application was not our intent — Email Excellence is about email. It concentrates on email's uniqueness as a business tool and as a business process.

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>> What if I'm not happy with it — can I get a refund?

Absolutely. You'll have a 7-day grace period during which you may request a refund at any time — no questions asked.

>> What companies have done this program, and what has been their experience?

At a number of companies, some version of Email Excellence is required training for all employees, and at those companies, the training is really popular among employees. Training managers receive unsolicited emails thanking them for the program.

We've also piloted our new version, the version we're currently offering, in a number of places—pharmaceutical companies, publishing companies, business schools, and so on. Pilot participants have called the program "excellent" and put the tools to immediate use in their writing:

I thought that I knew how to organize e-mails well, but this really took me to the next level... The creator does a great job narrating and ensuring that the material is not patronizing. I will incorporate all of the Subject line recommendations.

MBA student
The Wharton School

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