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The horrors of email

Business Leaders:  Getting started


It's time to tackle company email.

The stakes are high, and for a number of reasons:

  • Email's sheer magnitude as a business process. Your employees spend one third to one half of each workday—which means one third to one half of each year—going through it, organizing it, responding to it.
  • Email's position at the hub of critical business functions. Critical results flow through email—project meetings, troubleshooting, crisis management, sales calls, customer service...  Even contract negotiations are routinely conducted in email.
  • The frequency of email misfires and misunderstandings. In email, misreadings of tone or intent are commonplace.

Bottom line: Email may be the single greatest unaddressed productivity issue afflicting your company. — Even modest improvement could mean huge savings.

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Our Guide for Business leaders


Looking for email productivity?

We recommend Atrendia's LeanMail. It comprises two parts:

  • an add-in to Microsoft Outlook;
  • training and coaching on Lean methods for handling and processing email.

For a quick introduction, watch this video:


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