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Business Leaders:  Understanding the challenge

You need a muscular approach.

We can help you improve email performance. What we need from you is a muscular approach:

  • No more half-measures. In the past, the usual approach was to conduct a workshop on business writing or personal organization and then, basically, cross your fingers; hope for the best.
         This approach has a fatal flaw: its focus on individual skills, individual performance — a virtual guarantee of poor results.
  • Email performance is bigger than any one person's skills. The root of the problem is that each employee is at the mercy of everyone else's lousy messages. Each day they flood the Inbox and drain precious time and attention. Bottom line: Any serious effort must tackle not just the emails each employee writes, but the ones he or she receives.
  • Email is a "community" problem. To be effective, any email initiative must target an entire email "community" — a group of people who write to one another. Worthwhile targets might be as small as a project team or a department, or as large as the entire company.
  • It's about changing habits. Employees have now been writing and managing email for so long that many email behaviors and decisions have become automatic, unthinking (akin to driving a car while your mind is completely taken up with other matters).
         The problem here is twofold: 1) Good email decisions often require a few seconds of real thought. 2) Unconscious behaviors are not easily changed.

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