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>> Are the skills addressed in Email Excellence transferrable to other kinds of business writing?

Absolutely. Many of the concepts have broad application in business writing — the emphasis on the reader's needs, the tools for effective openings, logical organization, use of headlines, and so on.

At the same time, broad application was not our intent. Email Excellence concentrates on email's uniqueness as a business tool, a business process, and a business challenge. So if your internal customers have a really specific need — for instance, proposal writing — you will need a different solution, one that specifically tackles that need.

>> Is the program appropriate for customer service reps?

Not only is it appropriate; it lays an indispensable foundation for written communication with customers. Messages to customers are repeatedly cited in the program as requiring extra measures of care and attention. Also, in a number of places, customer situations are used to illustrate specific writing tools and techniques.

At the same time, Email Excellence is not a complete solution for responding to customers. We recommend that you use it as a foundation that your own supervisors or instructors will supplement with instruction specific to your company.

>> What companies have done this program, and what has been their experience?

At many companies, versions of Email Excellence are already required training for all employees, and at the Wharton School it's being offered to MBA students. The program seems really popular among employees: training managers routinely receive unsolicited emails thanking them for the program.

Here's the chief compliance officer at Cephalon:

Our employees appreciated that they weren't just told to "not write bad emails"; the course taught how to write good emails.

A clinical scientist in a pharmaceutical company writes:

The most valuable thing in the program is its reader-centric philosophy, plus the concrete tools for implementing that philosophy. Also, the humor is definitely a plus—the narrator made it easy for me to laugh off my past mistakes.

A vice president at a hedge fund writes:

I found this program very useful in my business emails, immediately useful and executable. The creator quickly goes through the basics and delves deply into advanced topics that will benefit all of us.

>> Can the program be customized to suit our needs?

Absolutely. We can brand the program with your corporate colors and logo, and sections of the program can be altered, removed, added — we tailor it in whatever way you need.

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>> Do you offer seminar delivery of this program?

No, we discontinued our Email Excellence seminars when the business leaders we were working with wanted to roll out the training to all employees — and in a compressed timeframe. Seminars were too slow and too expensive.

But what we did out of pure necessity — shifting to online training — turned out to be a virtue in ways we never anticipated. We discovered the virtues of eLearning as an instructional medium. It's a shame that there are so many bad online training programs; they've given the medium itself a bad reputation. We're now big believers in eLearning, total converts. See more on this topic here and in this whitepaper.

>> Is there any upward limit to audience size?

Not with eLearning. You can train 20 people or 10,000.

>> What is the cost per head of your training?

Our fees are scaled to the size of the employee population you want to train, the duration of access, your hosting needs, and so on. The more folks you want to train, the less we'll charge you per head.

>> Can you give an onsite demonstration of your program for our stakeholders?

Certainly. It's important that everyone be on the same page for an initiative of this scale, and we're happy to meet with you, discuss your requirements, and show you how our program works.


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