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Training Managers:  A Growing Need for Email Training

Getting requests for "email skills" or "email best practices"?

Managers are increasingly concerned about their employees' email, and for good reason:

  • It's devouring the workday. Employees are spending between one third and one half of each day — that's one third to one half of each year — in their Inboxes.
  • It's the hub for vital workflows. Critical results flow through email — project meetings, troubleshooting, crisis management, sales calls, customer service... Even contract negotiations are now routinely conducted in email.
  • It's teeming with mistakes, mishaps, and misunderstandings. In email, misreadings of tone or intent are commonplace, disrupting workflows, souring relationships, and wasting precious time and effort.

The good news: With efficient writing tools and better decision-making, employees can dramatically improve their email performance.

We can dramatically improve our performance in email...

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