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Training Managers:  We want to be your partner

How we can help you

We understand the email challenge, and we're eager to help you navigate your options. We can also help —

  • make your managers happy — they're going to expect results;
  • make your participants happy — the learning experience needs to be engaging and immediately useful;
  • make you happy, too — your training needs to fit your budget and be easy to administer.

What your Audience needs

Your internal customers need email training that excels in three areas:

  • spotlighting key pitfalls — showing employees how to avoid all the most common missteps with email—the ones that waste their own and their readers' time and effort.
  • teaching core skills — identifying and teaching the writing and decision-making skills needed to increase the impact of routine messages;
  • changing stubborn habits — equipping employees with the right mix of genuine insight, guidance, and useful tools for dislodging old habits and establishing new ones.

Why our program is worth a look

Our eLearning series Email Excellence is engaging, hard-hitting, and practical. Things to bear in mind:

  • Already in use at major corporations. Versions of this program are required training right now in more than a dozen companies across North America.
  • Popular among employees. Training managers report that they routinely receive unsolicited feedback from employees thanking them for Email Excellence. Participants have described the program's writing tools as "excellent," "immediately useful and executable," and "of both personal and professional benefit." Many seem to appreciate the program's humor: one described how the program's narrator "made it easy for me to laugh off my past mistakes."
  • eLearning saves time and money. No worries about scheduling or scrambling for a training room, and employees don't have to leave their desks. What's more, eLearning can be a more cost-effective solution than seminars or workshops.

I found this program very useful in my business emails, immediately useful and executable. The creator quickly goes through the basics and delves deeply into advanced topics that will benefit all of us.

Stephen LaFata
Chief Compliance Officer
Alethea Capital Management

eLearning that's easy to install and administer

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Easy to implement & administer

  • Site and enterprise licensing. We can structure a licensing arrangement to accommodate a variety of population sizes, licensing terms, and blended solutions. You can train 20 people, 100 people, or 1000.
  • Your LMS or ours. We will work with your IT department to install our program on your company's own learning management system, or we can provide LMS services, as needed. If you opt to use our LMS, you will still be able to track your employees' progress through the program.
  • Customization option. Sections of the program can be altered, removed, or added, and we can brand the program with your corporate colors and logo.
  • Communications to employees. Our templates for announcing and launching the program give you a big headstart on preparing your own communications.
  • SCORM. Our programs are SCORM- and AICC-compliant.
  • Pricing. Our fees are scaled to the size of the employee population you want to train, the duration of access, your hosting needs, and so on. The more folks you want to train, the less we’ll charge you per head.

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