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The Email Excellence Series

Program basics

I thought I knew how to organize e-mails well, but this really took me to the next level... The creator does a great job narrating and ensuring that the material is not patronizing. I will incorporate all of the Subject line recommendations.

MBA student
The Wharton School

Email Excellence is an eLearning program just over two hours in length, and it's delivered in five bite-sized chunks that are engaging, hard-hitting, and practical.

  • A focus on changing habits. The program raises employees' awareness of what they're already doing and how they're making decisions in email. Such awareness is the key to dislodging stubborn habits.
  • Our Tools & Guidelines job-aidOur Tools & Guidelines job-aid
  • Post-training reinforcement. Every participant receives our Email Excellence Tools & Guidelines job aid—an easy-to-use printed reminder of the writing tools and principles taught in the program.
  • All the benefits of eLearning. No worries about scheduling or scrambling for a training room; employees don’t even have to leave their desks. What’s more, eLearning can be a more cost-effective solution than seminars or workshops.

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View samples of our program

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Part 1: The Email Landscape

Excerpt from Part 1 of Email Excellence

A survey of the common mishaps and misunderstandings that plague workplace email. Plus: A focus on the single most neglected aspect of the challenge—the reader. Sample excerpt:

Intro to the Series: An Example

Part 2: The Six Immutable Laws of Email

Excerpt from Part 2 of Email Excellence

The underlying mechanics that determine the effectiveness of any given message. Sample excerpt:

The First Law: ORSON

Part 3: Clear Thinking

Excerpt from Part 3 of Email Excellence

The three key decision points that require the writer's full attention—particularly when the situation is complex or sensitive. Plus: Preventing email mishaps that result from inattention or distraction. Sample excerpt:

Introduction to Part 3

Part 4: Effective Openings

Excerpt from Part 4 of Email Excellence

Tools for handling the most critical stage of any message, the opening, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Sample excerpt:

The "Subject:" Line

Part 5: Spelling Out the Details

Excerpt from Part 5 of Email Excellence

Tools for structuring the body of the message and crafting emails that are clear, easy to read, easy to digest, and easy to refer back to. Sample excerpts:

An Example of a Low-Impact Read

A second excerpt from Part 5 of Email ExcellenceHeadlines

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