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Catalog of Free Writing Tools

Help yourself to our sample emails and writing tools

Welcome! — In this section you'll find email writing tools and templates you can put to immediate use when drafting emails.


Here are templates for two components vital to business email:

  • Message content — ORSON. When you're drafting emails longer than a few sentences, this basic template helps ensure readability and logical flow.
  • "Subject:" lines — Topic + Purpose. This template for your "Subject:" lines will help get your messages read. PLUS: Tips for applying the template in common business situations.


Need help drafting emails? — Just click on your situation:

  • Sample No. 1 Requesting action. When your email seeks any kind of action or response from recipients, clarity is paramount. We address how to handle your "Subject:" line, your opening, and the details of what you seek.
  • Sample No. 2 Delivering information. When you're writing simply to notify people of something, your principal challenge is getting read. Here are the keys.
  • Sample No. 3 Writing replies. There's more to it than hitting the Reply button. We address the most common blunders.
  • Sample No. 4 Drafting a simple proposal. We show the keys to making a persuasive case in an email message.
  • Sample No. 5 Handling the signature. The information you must routinely append at the close of an email, and why.
  • Sample No. 6 Delivering bad news. Don't use email if you don't have to, but if you absolutely must...


Tools for producing excellent email

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